1 Oct 2014

Raining Tears and Gas

Raining tears and gas

如果只是下雨, 我才不會哭

words by Claire Fang

18 Sep 2014

On my table - Distraction

a thing that prevents someone from giving full attention to something else.

1 Sep 2014

On my table today

♪ no one ever said it would be so hard ~ I'M GOING BACK TO THE START ♪
(Ink disaster… I hate myself)

21 Aug 2014

Update of

drew a Stone Roses fan from the concert at Heaton Park 2012

Facebook Page

Been editing my facebook page for a while, finally put it on.
Now you can follow news from here :)

23 Jul 2014

18 Oct 2013

10 Oct 2013

2 Oct 2013

27 Sep 2013

story behind [Princess Maire of Edinburgh]

Queen Marie of Romania - previously Princess Marie of Edinburgh, was the inspiration of the animal portrait [Princess Marie of Edinburgh]

17 Sep 2013

Oh Wow

Randomly found this photo on Instagram. Ingela Adler brought the owl family home from Edinburgh to Gothenburg, Sweden this summer. She framed them so beautifully with the stories by their side, (might steal the framing idea for my next exhibition...) Thank you Ingela, for giving The Owls a lovely new home.
Photo by Ingela Adler

4 Sep 2013

Summer Exhibition 2013

I'll be at the Summer Exhibition 2013
at Kilrie Granary, Kilrie Kirkclady, Scotland

Private View: 12/09/13, 6:30pm-8:30pm
Open Viewing: 13-15/09/13, 10am-4pm

21 Jun 2013

panda w.i.p.

panda suits my black and white cross hatching style so well.